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Französische Werkzeuge im Fahrradbereich sind meist speziell auf die speziellen Dimensionen und Maße französischer Bauteile ausgerichtet. Die bekannten Marken werden im folgenden aufgelistet und erläutert. Wenn es einen Artikel in der WikiPedalia gibt, ist dieser verlinkt. Alternativ wird auf die Homepage oder weiterführende Informationen im Internet weiterverlinkt.

Marke Bemerkung
Huret Huret used to make a very nice little 1/4" drive socket set, with an "L" shaped handle and 5 handy sockets. Alas, this is no longer available.
Facom The Snap-On of France. Very high quality tools, not cheap. If you visit France, you should look into the Facom "Pince-Étau" locking pliers, which are the nicest I have seen, even better than genuine Vise-Grips. The Facom unit combines a slip-joint with the link-lock function, providing a very wide range of adjustment, and quick operation.

The "clé à pipe" is a very handy style of wrench unknown in the U.S. It is an "L" shaped wrench with a socket on each end. The socket on the short end is open, so it can fit over long bolts.

Mafac Used to make a very compact tool kit that mounted behind the saddle. In its day, this was quite a nice set, though modern multi-tools have surpassed it.
VAR The main source of professional bicycle tools in France. VAR tools are quite solid and well made, but roughly finished and old-fashioned in design. VAR tools are available from U.S. bicycle sources, but tend to be expensive due to the current exchange rate of the euro to the dollar.

Online scans of the classic VAR Tool Catalogue

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